PCI 32bits to dual PCI riser card-high speed flex cable


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تومان ۴۶۵,۰۰۰
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مشخصات محصول:

  • Two PCI solt(32 bit 5V)
  • Chip Control
  • Dedicated to VIA motherboard (chip)
  • Let motherboard-a PCI expansion of the two PCI
  • 4 layer PCB board design with high speed ribbon cable
  • Strong stability
  • Golden plated contacts for best connectivity and long life
  • Applied to more than 1 U chassis height
  • According to the chassis and can be highly placed at position
  • Transmission:66 MB / sec
  • High-frequency impedance design and Fangbao with EMI design, high-quality transmission stabilit
  • Cable length:150mm

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